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Design Sprint

Sprint ahead of the pack with an agile approach to solving business problems!

Don’t just dream. Mobilize your team. Block out 2 to 5 days. Then get ready to sprint! We facilitate large-scale corporations in running Design Sprints with their internal teams. Design Sprints are an increasingly popular framework for teams of any size to solve and design business problems in a compressed amount of time. Originally known as ‘design thinking’, an idea birthed at IDEO and the d.school at Stanford, the concept was later adapted into “design sprints” by the Google UX teams, Google Ventures and Google [x].

Design Sprints keep the best business ideas coming and innovation flowing! Contact us to jumpstart your own company’s Design Sprint today.

Why Sprint With Your Team?

Less business churn, more certain solutions.

In just one week, your team can explore a whole bunch of ideas, identify the promising ones and throw out dead ends. Teams will know enough to chart a plan founded on reality— not guesses.

Understand your business better, solve real problems.

Sprints help your company make real progress by getting to the core of the company’s mission, objectives and challenges. By the end of a week, your team would achieve more than expected by answering questions in a concerted, concentrated way.

Constraint unleashes creativity founded in reality.

Imagine building an actual prototype that validates your company’s biggest assumptions in merely a week? One that’s tested and validated with real users. Don’t just dream it. Mobilize your team for at least 3 days, and just do it.

The 5 Sprint Stages

Each sprint goes through 5 stages of design thinking that are incredibly useful for solving problems, each of which includes design best practices such as “user interviews” or “competitive reviews”.


What are the user needs, business needs and technology capacities?


What is the key strategy and focus?


Gather key stakeholders to generate as many ideas as possible and select the best ones.


Create a prototype. Get users together to test the prototypes and gather feedback.


Test the ideas with users, business stakeholders and technical experts.

Our Clients

We’ve worked with Private and Government Corporations

Start Your Sprint Now

Keen to implement sprints in your organization and turn your business around? We conduct Design Sprint facilitation for companies. Contact us to find out how we can work with your company to jumpstart exciting projects and possibilities!

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