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November 2023, Kuala Lumpur

Agile Innovation Conference

“To Inspire Innovation Through Agility with Actionable Insights”

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About The Conference

The Agile Innovation Conference is a collaboration between 1337 Ventures and Ekipa Consultancy, with the vision to inspire organisational change by exploring how agility and innovation practices work together, and to provide actionable insights. This conference aims to gather visionaries and forward-thinking thought leaders and innovators from different industries and sectors to explore the dynamic relationship between innovation, agility and change, and discuss emerging ideas, evolutionary approaches and ambitious strategies that foster innovation.

Through a series of engaging sessions, interactive workshops, networking opportunities, and startup exhibitions designed for different business functions, including Information Technology, Innovation and Strategy, Transformation, People & Culture (HR) and New Ventures Arm, this conference seeks to empower attendees with the necessary concepts and knowledge to inspire and enable change within their respective domains.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


November 2023


Inspire: Attendees spark inspiration, stimulate their creativity, curiosity, and imagination, fostering an innovative mindset.

Enable: Attendees explore emerging best practices to facilitate and support organisational and personal transformation and gain insights on how to adapt, evolve, and drive change in an ever-evolving landscape.

Change: Attendees understand the importance of actionable outcomes and provide practical tools, frameworks, and resources to translate their newfound inspiration into tangible actions

Conference Experience Highlights

  • Panel Discussion
  • Workshops for Different Business Functions
  • Startups/Tech Exhibitions
  • Innovation/Tech Case Studies Sharing
  • Topical Networking Sessions









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Conference Topics & Contents

Innovation Powered by Agile Ways of Working

Culture-Led Transformation

Structures for Organisational Agility

Changing Behaviours & Mindset For Agility

Innovation Mindset / Behaviors

How to lead an innovation team

Business drivers for Agility

Disruptive vs Non-Disruptive Innovation

These Are

Our Speakers

Paul Hutton

Co-Founder - Ekipa Consultancy

Bikesh Lakhmichand

CEO - 1337 Ventures

Guest Speaker

CEO - eCommerce company

Guest Speaker

CDO - Corporate

Guest Speaker

CEO - Leading Bank

A Few Words

About The Event Organizers

Founded in 2016, Ekipa Agile Consultancy is an agile innovation consultancy that operates in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and helps organisations to build agile capabilities and adopt agile ways of working through agile training, coaching, and consulting services. Ekipa’s clients in the region include well-known global and national enterprises across a wide range of industries.

Since 2012, 1337 Ventures has been dedicated to empowering entrepreneurship and driving innovation by providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary support, resources, and mentorship. Through our accelerator programs, startup fund, capacity building workshops, corporate innovation programs, and community engagement initiatives, we aim to foster a vibrant e


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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