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Alpha Startups™
for Women Pre-Accelerator

Hey ladies, Alpha Startups has an exciting spot just for you! Whether you’re gearing up to kickstart your startup adventure in 2024 or looking to take your existing one to new heights, our Alpha Startups for Women pre-accelerator program is tailor-made for you. 

Dive into the secrets of launching a successful startup and stand a chance to receive VC funding of up to RM 50K for the top 2 teams. Get ready for some awesome mentoring sessions with seasoned female founders, plus RM 20K in digital credits to amp up your infrastructure.

Ready to level up your startup game? Apply now for our 4-week program and let’s take your business to the next level! This programme is open to all women-led startup founders who are in idea-stage & MVP stage.  

Registration closes by 19 Feb 2024, 12pm. 
The programme starts on 27 Feb 2024. It will be a virtual and in-person sessions held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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23 Sep, Fri





Zoom & FB Live

Key Highlights of ASDA in April 2021 (Cohort 36)

What is a

In Alpha Startups™ pre-accelerator programme, it’s similar to an intensive bootcamp to guide new & aspiring entrepreneurs on how to start & run a startup business.

Selected teams of entrepreneurs, developers and designers get to work together to test and validate their scalable product or start-up idea. Participants do this with the help of their peers. Daily deliverables are expected, mentorship is available, and commitment is required!

Alpha Startups™

Alpha Startups™ is organised by 1337 Ventures, a Malaysian early-stage venture capital firm, in collaboration with Leet Academy, our education arm. One of Alpha Startups’ main goals is to help early-stage startups find product-market fit. This award-winning flagship accelerator programme is now 47 cohorts strong.

The AlphaStartups™ Pre-Accelerator is run on a hybrid style (a mix of virtual & physical sessions) as well as some self-paced learning. This programme is free of charge, but attendance for the mentoring sessions is highly encouraged to get the most out of this programme.

Best Accelerator or Incubator Program 2020 (1337 Ventures)

How do you put running shoes to your ambitious idea? These days, most startups’ quickest resort is to seek funding and incubator support from accelerators and angel investors. There is a lot to achieve however to get your startup from “idea” to “minimal viable product” (MVP) and “market validation” stage – the main criteria for accelerators and investors looking to invest in a worthy start-up.

We saw that gap, and we seek to be the bridge between your alpha idea and its critical acceleration curve! Alpha Startups™ is an intensive bootcamp where selected teams of entrepreneurs, developers and designers get to test and validate a scalable product/startup idea together with their peers. Daily deliverables are expected, mentorship is provided, and commitment is absolutely mandatory!

Before you seek support and raise funds, put your idea to the ultimate test.

Idea > MVP + Validated Startups

All Alpha Startups that successfully complete the pre-accelerator programme will gain priority admission into funding programmes run by 1337 Ventures. As we’re a venture capital firm, apart from having an interest in investing in early stage startups, we have a wide network where we can connect you to other VCs and/or other recognised funding organisations throughout the country.

Above all, upon completing this accelerator programme you will be a validated startups with strong pitch decks consisting of a viable product proposition, refined marketing plan and practical development roadmap.

Perks & Benefits

RM 50,000 Funding

Top teams will receive a pre-seed investment of up to RM50,000.

Digital Credits

Digital credits of up to RM20K will be awarded to all participating teams. Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud credits, Airtable, Digital Skills Training, Job Portal credits, and more are included.

10+ Hours of Mentoring

Participating teams will have access to business and technical mentors. Startups will have group mentoring sessions as well as one-to-one sessions to accelerate their learning.

Office Space

Co-working space privileges for teams in Penang or those who want to expand/relocate to Penang through our partner, Digital Penang.

Corporate Access

Through the accelerator, you won't have to knock on doors; you'll have direct access to corporate changemakers who can help you go to market. Get validated, ask questions and perhaps convert them into customers.

Market Access

Let us help you get noticed. With our partners and through our connections, we will use our platform to spread the word about your brand and products.

Programme Schedule

Alpha Startups™ Pre-Accelerator requires an 8-day commitment spread over 10 weeks, which includes both physical and virtual sessions.

14 Sep

Lean Canvas & Customer Understanding

Physical @ KL


Market Validation

Physical @ KL


Solution Building






Qualifying Pitch






Demo Day Preparation

Physical @ KL

24 Nov

Demo Day

Physical @ KL

Updated: 8 Mar 2023
*The final schedule is subject to change.

Who should join Alpha Startups™ Pre-Accelerator?

All startup stages are welcomed – while teams are preferred, individuals with ideas are also welcome.

Entry Requirements:

  • Able to communicate and understand English
  • Above 18 years old
  • Have a team of 2 to 4 people, with a specific idea or problem to solve.
  • A startup is a technology or innovation enabled business at an early-stage with a scalable business model and a high growth strategy.
  • Startups must be based in Malaysia or serve a Malaysian market OR
  • Startups must have at least ONE Malaysian co-founder regardless of the market served or geographic location

On-Demand Webinars

In conjunction with Alpha Startups for Women, we curated an exclusive series of panel session & live session for local women founders to share their startup story. We’ve recorded the webinars, you can watch the videos below. 

Apply for Alpha Startups™ Pre-Accelerator

Learn how to start a startup, validation, learn how to pitch to VCs & investors. Top team will receive funding of up to RM50K. 


Success Stories

With a tried and tested curriculum, a powerful network of mentors, and a track record to taking startups to success. Get access to exclusive events, digital software and infrastructure, co-working spaces, and so much more. Learn what our alumni have to say about Alpha Startups. 

Acquired by Jireh Group within 12 months after Alpha Startups
Achieved a GMV of RM700K in 12 months. Acquired by Cat & the Fiddle Cafe.
Eat Cake Today
Gig Economy
Raised an undisclosed 7-digit amount from Axiata.
Gig Economy
Acquired money remittance license in 3 countries
Fintech / E-Wallet
Acquired by ABSS (MYOB)
Fintech / Accounting
Acquired by TUNE in 12 months after completing Alpha Startups.
Gig Economy
Raised first round of USD 150K (~RM631K) by Iterative VC based in Singapore and San Francisco. Became a Singaporean entity & expanding throughout Malaysia.
F&B / Foodtech

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mentoring will take place either physically or virtually, depending on the mode of the day’s programme. If it is physical, it will be done face to face, and if it is virtual, teams will need to be in a Zoom call.

There will be a total of 9 hours for the self-paced learning, 23 hours of live webinar, and 26 hours of available office hours. The live webinars (i.e classrooms) happen two days a week, while Mentor Rooms (i.e office hours and coaching) are flexible for participants to join. Self-paced learning sessions can be done at the convenience of the participant, as our videos and interactive teaching materials are online on our Leet Academy portal.
No, however in order to qualify for the funding, you will need to ensure the key outputs required (i.e Lean Canvas, Pitch Deck, etc) must be completed in the timeframe required.

At the end of the accelerator, a physical pitching session will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All of the participants who have been shortlisted will pitch, and it will be open to both judges and audiences.

No, there is no application fee to join this accelerator.

The AlphaStartups Pre-Accelerator accepts ideas from any industry or niche. Preference will be given to Startups in the Fintech, Healthtech, Insurtech, Agritech and DeepTech.

For the past 9 years, 1337 Ventures has been conducting the Alpha Startups Pre-Accelerator programme. Traditionally, this programme was held in a physical format. However, in the past 2 years during the MOC & pandemic, we have successfully conducted multiple cohorts virtually. To provide participants with more flexibility and ensure optimal results, we are now introducing a hybrid mode for this programme, which includes both physical and virtual components.

To participate in the Alpha Startups Pre-Accelerator programme, all applications undergo a rigorous screening and review process. Our aim is to provide aspiring Malaysian entrepreneurs with a platform to pursue their dreams.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of running both large and small cohorts, ranging from 120 to 25 shortlisted startups. We have also collaborated with esteemed partners such as MDEC, Accenture, Mranti (formerly MaGIC), KPMG, Digi, Found8, and others.

Click here for full Terms & Conditions for Alpha Startups Digital Accelerator (ASDA). 

You can reach out to us at 1337 Ventures via WhatsApp +6011 5628 0817 or email us at info@1337.ventures. 

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