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Start your own Venture Capital Firm

1337 Ventures VC School, is the complete guide to becoming a venture capitalist (VC) in Malaysia. VC School provides practical training on venture finance for corporations, entrepreneurs, investors — anyone interested in venture investing.

Through this programme, you will gain the knowledge required to run a well-performing fund, explore infrastructure and network needed to raise your initial fund. 

1337 ventures vc school

Key Outcomes

The subject matter you will cover includes topics in finance, deal flow analysis, and law – all taught by a variety of industry-leading experts.

You will possess the requisite know-how to run your own VC firm, but more importantly, you will possess the skills needed to methodically appraise and evaluate a company before making an investment decision. 

Learn from the best

Learn how to source deals, conduct due diligence, evaluate companies and create an investment thesis from some of the top performing VC firms in Malaysia.

Raise your first fund

Raise your first fund upon completion of VC School with support from 1337 Ventures. Get connected to our network of angels and investors or raise a fund from the crowd through our equity crowdfunding platform.

Access Dealflow

As a graduate, you will also have access to 1337 Ventures’ accelerator alumni. This gives you first picks on any promising startups, ranging from early-stage and scaleups to mid-tier companies

Teaching Methodology

VC School will provide aspirant fund managers all the tools needed to start a Venture Capital firm successfully in Malaysia. 

Program Syllabus & Schedule

VC School is a 16 day course run over 8 weeks which features a mix of physical and virtual class-based learning with hands-on deliverables. It is designed to be interactive and applicable using classroom sessions, office hours, and networking events. This then culminates in graduation of sorts for the participants who will then go on to raise and manage their own funds.

The program syllabus comprises of 4 key areas needed to build and run a successful VC firm.

Networking Events

Over the past 8 years, we have organised 100+ events with experts, startups and corporates. We believe that networking is imperative for business success. During the VC School program, participants will get access to:


Programme Fee: RM 10,000 per individual
Registration Fee: RM 100

50% Scholarship is applicable for those interested, kindly inquire on the criteria.

*Date of intake to be announced.

Entry Requirements:

  • Have an updated CV / Resume
  • Able to communicate and understand English
  • Above 21 years old
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