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Pitching Workshop

Learn how to pitch to investors & engage with your audience.

Leet Academy’s Pitching Workshop is a tried and tested methodology that guides startups to build a pitch deck with our Pitching Template. We also provide one on one coaching and spaces to pitch to real life investors.

The right pitch will help you engage better with your audience and investors. A pitch is a concise presentation that talks about your ideas, products and company in a short amount of time, so that listeners can easily understand.

What is Pitching Workshop?

Online/Virtual Pitch

The Fine-Tune Your Startup Pitch

In this online session, you will learn the necessary anatomy of a Pitch Deck. Putting the components of a pitch deck into your presentation that is investor worthy.


Bootcamp: Compelling pitch that just right

A 3 hour session that introduces you on how to define the goal of the pitch and getting the right resources and templates. This introductory course will let you understand what framework of a pitch would work to improve your presentation immediately.


Elevator pitch starter session/Pitching 101

Experience a 2 day pitch bootcamp. The dos and don’ts of pitching consists of learning how to pitch with advanced techniques that include how to design compelling presentation slides. Learning the approach to create the right structure and effect everything you say.

Small Classes, Personalised Delivery

Our Pitching Workshop are small classes that are tailored to suit the needs of your startups, whether you are selling a complex product, selling during a difficult time in a highly competitive market, or simply trying to increase sales – we will give you and your teams the pitch perfect training that you need in order to stand out.

We help startups get funded. Here’s how.

Pitching Template

You will receive our industry-tailored pitching template that will enable you to showcase your startup clearly and impressively.

Personalised Coaching

Our trainers will provide you with one on one coaching for your pitch deck and presentation to ensure you are able to do your best.

Boost Your Confidence

We give you 12 different tools that will ensure you are over prepared to over-deliver your pitch. We provide startups with spaces to practice and prepare.

Get Access to Investors

Participants of our workshops will get the chance to attend real demo days and pitches in-front of investors to test their pitches in the real world.

Why is Pitching important?

Speaking in front of crowds can be intimidating and it is even worse when there is a time limit being set! As such, it is absolutely important to be able to deliver quality pitches. You don’t have to be the charmer that hypnotises the crowd, simply someone who can comfortably stand in front of others and articulate about your business well enough. Investors are always looking for solid pitches with personal stories. Whether your pitch is for investors or just an elevator pitch to someone in the lift, knowing exactly how to deliver your ideas in a killer, concise and impactful way can make a huge difference that will make your presentation being forgotten and it being funded. This workshop is designed to equip you with both the skill set and confidence you need to deliver pitches that are memorable.

This course is concise and powerful, jam packed with actionable tips and tricks. Learn more on how to give the kind of pitch that grabs the attention of investors.

Ready, set, pitch!!

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