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Pitch Tuesday

This is a platform for you to pitch your idea to us & an opportunity for us to invest in you.

Looking for funding?

At Pitch Tuesday we discover & invest in exceptional earliest-stage founders building startups with digital business models. We invest in pre-seed to pre-Series A stage startups depending on traction and opportunity in the market. 

On top, we provide unlimited venture development, and access to a unique network of experts, mentors, investors, and connections with founders in our portfolio. We will work closely together to help you win paying customers, become investor-ready, close a follow-on financing round, and more. If we find that your idea has potential for Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) we can connect you to Leet Capital, our sister company. So if you got a business idea worth scaling, apply now in the form below.

To have the most effective conversation to find out if we are a match, please send us your pitch deck by filling out as much as possible of the form below. It only takes 5 minutes and we will get back to you within a week on next steps.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Should you have any questions, reach out to at info@1337.ventures

Note: We’re currently focused on Malaysian based early-stage startups. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pitch Tuesday is open to anyone who have an idea or startup with a pitch deck. You do not need to have any experience but we would suggest to practice your pitch so you can pitch it well to our team who is evaluating if we should put money in you and your startup. 

The entire Pitch Tuesday session will be 30 minutes,

  • Intros & tell us more about yourself (5 minutes)
  • Pitch your idea & present your  presentation deck (5 – 10 minutes)
  • Q&As for further clarification (10 minutes)

It is recommended to come on time. Pitching will be done virtually via Google Meets. Do ensure that you have a pitch deck ready, and a stable internet connection.

You should prepare the following, to have a smooth & pleasent session: 

  1. Prepare key points for introduction
  2. Prepare a pitch deck (presentation slide) that is suitable for a 5 mins pitch. If you are unsure how to prepare a pitch deck, join the Alpha Startups Online to learn how put together a pitch deck & use lean canvas to strengthen your business proposition. 
  3. Ensure your laptop/computer is setup with audio & camera on. We recommend if possible, please  take this call on your computer instead of mobile phone. 
  4. Pick a place that is quiet, without any distractions and with a good internet connection so there won’t be any interruptions mid-way during the call. 
  5. Questions, if you have any you can ask them after the pitch as looking for an investor you’ll want to know learn more about us. So feel free to ask any relevant questions. 

Yes you may. We do meet with startups from around the world. However, we mainly invest in South East Asia early stage startups. 

For 2023, we’re looking to invest in early-stage startups who are in the Fintech, Insurtech, Healthtech, Agritech, DeepTech space in Malaysia / South East Asia. We have a wide range of portfolio, as we’re agnostic. 

Yes, this will be an opportunity for you to pitch to us & we are able to connect you to angels, VCs & perhaps corporates. 

About 1337 Ventures

We’re a Venture Capital (VC) firm in Malaysia focused on early-stage start-ups, assisting them through every growth phase. We’re always discovering, funding & launching emerging startups.

Pitching 101

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