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Islamic Fintech: Disruptive Opportunities in the Malaysian Market

FWD Islamic Fintech 101


  1. Gain unique insights from key players in the Islamic Fintech landscape on the main factors driving the success of the Islamic financial services sector and Fintech initiatives
  2. Learn new and existing problem statements from Islamic financial institutions and the opportunities that are available in the Islamic Fintech space 
  3. Explore new Islamic Fintech trends that will provide your business with an advantage in the area of innovation 
  4. Discover innovative business models and solutions implemented by renowned Islamic Fintech startups 
  5. Learn how Islamic finance industries could collaborate with Fintech organisations to navigate their development and to secure their future role and position in the fast-evolving financial services ecosystem. 

This session is a joint event by  FWD Startup Studio and 1337 Ventures to catalyse the Insurtech and Fintech scene in Malaysia. Through this short webinar, participants will be able to learn how they can leverage off FWD Startup Studio’s programmes, partnerships, and investment to kickstart their journey of launching a Insurtech and Fintech startup in Malaysia. Interested to learn more? Join us on the 9th of February!

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