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Innovation Consulting

Driving Transformational Change in Corporations. Instilling Startup Agility and Mentality From Within.

With the meteoric rise of startups and huge technology companies like Amazon, Google, Alibaba and Grab, companies today that insist on playing by ‘big company rules’ cannot win. Such large global successes are indeed exceptions to the rule, the ONE out of 10 others who bucked trends and made it big in the ordinary scheme of business, and HOW—you might ask? What’s their secret sauce?

‘Innovation’ remained their core DNA, business driver, and long-term commitment—despite the risks, investor desires, and naysayers.

1337 Ventures Innovation Consulting aims to bridge the best of both worlds: Startups thrive under constant constraint to push against the odds, armed with boundless agility and creativity. Large corporations have the means and bandwidth, but many may have lost (or are in the long, subtle and very dangerous process of losing) the very startup mojo that got them to where they are in the first place! At 1337, we strive to bring the mojo back by helping corporations build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship from within—where risk-taking, creativity, agility and design-thinking virtues are continually extolled.

What We Do For Large-Scale Corporations

Get an insider’s look at the technologies reshaping your industry, in AI, VR/AR, IoT, Blockchain, etc.

Discover digital solutions or new technologies that can benefit your business

Implement a culture of innovation through proven Discovery (through Data), Design Thinking, Agile Development (Sprint), and Testing methods

Uncover opportunities for startup partnerships, collaboration, and corporate development

The Innovation-Building Process and Secret Sauce of Successful Corporations

The writing is on the wall the moment innovation gets snuffed out of any business, and no company should stand by and watch silently—while more innovative competitors sneak up to swiftly knock one of its roost! Here’s our four-step method of helping keep large companies from falling off the map in their respective industries.


Incorporating design thinking basics, we start by cementing the customer-centric view of designing new products and processes. Employees will understand how to transition from data to insights, emphatize with customer needs, and then structure ideas clearly to inspire peers and leaders.

Define & Ideate

Next, we’ll identify 8 to 9 strong themes for improving the “delivery” of products and services grounded on user needs and key insights. These themes are useful in broad strategy development and form the springboard to generate 20 to 30 ideas to possibly solve the proposed Problem Statement or Design Challenge.

Prototype & Test

We’ll deep dive into new technologies in AI, VR, IoT, Blockchain, etc. A minimum viable prototype (MVP) involving possible implementations of some of the generated ideas will then be developed. Key to this process is the ability to creatively visualise solutions grounded on customer needs before building the actual technology. Testing and failing at scale is also crucial to ensuring continuous agile execution and improvement.


Beyond developing a culture of innovation from within, 1337 further helps match large companies with innovative pre-qualified tech startups in the region who can help accelerate their digital transformation. 1337 also conducts Employee Experience Mapping to help companies assess, hire and upskill employees using gamification. Beyond accelerating and mentoring budding tech startups, we’re highly adept at coaching and empowering large-scale corporations to embrace digital transformation.

Our Clients

We’ve worked with Private and Government Corporations

Ready to Start Innovating? Let’s Set up A Briefing Session!

Here’s how it works. You choose whether to spend a few hours or an entire day with us. We design a custom briefing based on your business and technology priorities. We’ll start the briefing by sharing our perspectives on innovation, and learning more about yours, followed by discussions tailored to topics that align to your business (e.g., big data, mobile, social, cloud, security). The goal is to arm you with vital insights on the areas that matter most to you, and to develop a strong relationship between our firms, prior to defining and implementing solutions.

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