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MUST WATCH: Tips for Building a Successful Islamic Fintech Startup in Malaysia

We at 1337 Ventures are always keeping an eye on emerging industries to invest and accelerate across Malaysia and South East Asia.

With a projected growth of USD128 million by 2025 within 57 Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries, there’s a growing demand for Islamic Fintech and it’s getting stronger. 

Especially in South East Asia where Malaysia – Singapore – Indonesia has some of the largest Muslim population globally. 

The limelight has primarily been on Malaysia due to its impressive ranking in the 2021 Global Islamic Fintech Report. Malaysia ranked first among 64 countries for its comprehensive market maturity in supportive regulation, a substantial market for Islamic financial services,  and an abundance of talent. Furthermore, it’s been named one of the top 5 Islamic Fintech markets based on transaction volume. 

The scale of this opportunity is great news for startups looking to come up with innovative solutions in the Islamic Fintech industry. Whether it’s for B2C to B2C, you’ll probably have investors looking into it if it solves a real problem. 

What are the current trends and opportunities in the local Islamic Fintech industry? How does Islamic Fintech differ from conventional fintech? How can you commercialise an idea to meet the market’s demand? 

Here are some webinars on Malaysia’s Islamic Fintech that you should not miss, presented to you by FWD Start-Up Studio and 1337 Ventures.

Islamic Fintech 101

Islamic Fintech: Disruptive Opportunities in the Malaysian Market

Islamic Fintech Deep Dive with Ruslena Ramli

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