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Consider This If You Want To Raise Funds For Your Malaysian Business

A successful business in Malaysia requires more than just a good idea. It takes dedication, the right planning and most importantly funds to supercharge its growth. 

And raising funds can be the most challenging and time-consuming for entrepreneurs of all stages. Fortunately, 1337 Ventures and Leet Capital have taken steps to address funding challenges through the ECF Accelerator – Fundraising Bootcamp. 

The programme is designed to prepare SMEs and growth-stage businesses to scale and grow via Equity Crowdfunding (ECF). ECF is a method of raising capital through an accumulation of small investments from a ‘crowd’ of investors on an online platform licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia.

Here are several reasons why you should participate in the fundraising Bootcamp – if you are looking to raise funds for your business. 

You’ll learn what investors are looking for 

The opportunity to pitch is rare and daunting. Hence, many companies tend to underestimate the preparations needed. During the 4-weeks fundraising Bootcamp, you’ll be groomed to be “investor-ready” from creating a captivating storyline to discovering a range of valuation methods and learning to pick the suitable option for your business.  

First-hand mentoring and coaching

Each day, you’ll receive personalised guidance from experienced mentors who will not only teach you but conduct an assessment of your company and explain the opportunities and risks from an investor’s point of view. You’ll also receive coaching from subject matter experts from Crowe, Zico Law, Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Supernewsroom and more.

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Access to valuable knowledge and contacts from investors

Investors aren’t just investors. They can broaden your company’s reach through their extensive expertise and contacts. With the presence of a large mix of investors, from angel investors, to venture capitalists and private equity firms at our ECF Fundraising Bootcamp, don’t miss the golden opportunity to expand your company’s brand value. 

Build connections with other business founders

Participating in the ECF Fundraising Bootcamp allows you to bond with other business founders. You may become very close with others in the cohort, helping and motivating each other during the programme as well as expanding your business network. 

Like Toh Yen Kee, Co-Founder and CEO, Playfit Sdn Bhd ( Cohort 1 participant ) shares “one of the biggest takeaways from working hard with other entrepreneurs is the sense of camaraderie and friendships.  All of us have a common goal, and these are the times when you make friends for life and could easily tap into the network that would always support you even after the programme.”

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Accelerate your business to greater heights

ECF is a fast and seamless method to raise funds. The larger the amount of funding, combined with the additional avenues of investors available through the fundraising Bootcamp makes raising an ECF campaign a smart choice. 

To learn more about the Fundraising programme, speakers & schedule, visit https://1337.ventures/ecf-accelerator

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