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Reasons Why Your Startup Should Join an Accelerator Programme

You have a cool startup idea. Or an up and running business that is in need of advice, clarity, and direction. What’s next? If you are placed in such a situation, here are some reasons why you should join an accelerator programme.


Experience Exponential Growth

Many startup founders are clueless as to where to begin, or what resources they need to execute their ideas. Some more established startups may even be encountering the unfortunate phase of a growth plateau. Accelerator programmes can assist you to overcome these obstacles, regardless of the stage you are in.

Pod, a micro-savings tech startup was at its very initial stage when they joined 1337 Ventures’ Alpha Startups Accelerator Programme. Albeit being a tech-centric startup, their co-founders came from non-tech backgrounds and were experiencing difficulties. Alpha Startups served as a platform connecting the Pod team to subject matter experts that helped them with their product development and business model, providing them with greater clarity on the technical aspects of executing their business. This enabled them to build a sustainable business out of their vision!

Not forgetting Senang, a brick and mortar insurance agency specialising in insurance bonds that wanted to digitalise their business and learn how to increase revenue. Upon joining Alpha Startups, Senang managed to identify their market problem and pivot from building an aggregator platform to being an API Solution. They have also managed to achieve several remarkable milestones such as being selected for the Google SDG Pilot Programme and emerging as a winner in the UNCDF B40 Challenge!

Learn, learn, and learn

Accelerator Programmes provide its participants with a database of resources to learn from and further develop their business ideas or models. For instance, 1337 Ventures’ very own Alpha Startups Digital Accelerator Programme has a specially curated syllabus for startups to identify their product-market fit, build their one-pager business plan, narrow down their total addressable markets, complete their pitch deck and more. Our curriculum allows startups to:

  • Understand the components needed from ideation to actualization
  • Understand and use the basic business canvas models for pitching
  • Understand the anatomy of The Perfect Pitch Deck for YES’s
  • Use storytelling for effective marketing and engagement
  • Understand the MVP metrics investors are looking for
  • Ensure customer centric solutions through all levels of the business
  • Wrap it all up in a concise, impactful pitch


An Ecosystem Of Mentorship and Support

Accelerator mentors are often industry veterans who come with years of knowledge, expertise and first-hand experience working within the startup scene. Joining an accelerator gives you access to exclusive sessions with these mentors to receive unbiased, no-fluff, straight-to-the-point feedback and advice on your business, allowing you to view your business from a different perspective. Furthermore, mentorships are typically personalised and tailored to each startup depending on the problems they are trying to solve and the stages that they are in.

Hometaste, a food delivery startup and Alpha Startups alumni was especially impressed by the post-accelerator coaching and support provided by our mentors beyond our Accelerator Programme. We pride ourselves in constantly providing support for our Alpha Startups alumni with post-accelerator opportunities for continuous growth and development via events, workshops and seminars


Still not convinced? Hear from our startups themselves!

Joining this programme allows you to better map out your idea

Aston, co-founder of HomeTaste

I would definitely recommend the Alpha Startups Programme to startups out there looking to scale their business. The coaching provided adds value and provokes your brain?”

Sharian, co-founder of Senang

Start a business with the intention to solve problems that matter. That will give you the drive to power through when things get tough. Get investors who can provide you with not just capital but also help you accelerate the business.

Nadia, co-founder of Pod

Join Alpha Startups

The benefits that come with an accelerator programme will no doubt be a boost for your startup business. In fact, joining one might just be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to propel your business to even greater heights!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for ALPHA STARTUPS DIGITAL ACCELERATOR now!

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