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Homegrown Farms’ startup couple shares work-life balance tips

Starting a business is no ordinary feat. Startups require far more time and attention than an ordinary 9-to-5-job. 

With so much at stake, it is worthwhile to have a co-founder who shares your vision and whom you can lean on, especially in challenging times. What if you could find your perfect business partner in your significant other? 

After all, a romantic relationship and a business relationship have several similarities – they both depend on trust, effective communications, chemistry, and more. 

This Valentine’s Day, we spoke to couple-preneurs Ivy and Michael Simon, the founders of Homegrown Farms. 

They believe that the best meal in the world is the simplest, straight from nature to your plate. In 2017, the couple-preneurs made the leap and left their jobs as media professionals to start Homegrown Farms at Semenyih, Selangor amid the lush Broga Hills. 

Ivy and Michael work tirelessly to grow organic vegetables – from Asian greens like eggplant, cucumber, okra to the highly nutritious, kale. Homegrown Farms is also into poultry farming in hopes to inspire the community to eat organically and live a sustainable lifestyle. 

Below, we hear their journey of establishing and managing Homegrown Farms as business partners:

How did Homegrown Farms become your ultimate business idea? 

Ivy: The idea was to grow vegetables in our backyard to provide good quality produce for our family. But when the harvest got overwhelming for our family, we realized that this can grow into something much bigger.

Could you share some tips for startup couples who would like to start a business together? 

Michael: Make sure to have clear boundaries, responsibilities and communication. It’s not an ego trip.

What are your thoughts on work-life balance?

Michael: The key is to find pleasure and happiness in the small moments, plus do have some fun! We deliver organic produce to our subscribers weekly and find it fulfilling that we’re playing a role in helping them get proper nutrition. How can anyone who does this be boring and unhappy?

What do you enjoy most about working with your spouse?

Ivy: We are around each other literally 24/7. For me, that’s the best part –  Michael’s accessibility. We have the flexibility to organize work around our schedules. If we are not that busy and want to go out for lunch, it’s possible. 

Micheal and Ivy is proof that the old cliche of business and pleasure should not be mixed aren’t valid anymore. Homegrown Farms is a testament to their shared passion and ambition. Shop for organic vegetables & freshly made bread at https://homegrownfarms.com.my/shop/ deliver to your doorstep. 

Do you and your spouse have a startup idea? Send us your pitch deck and speak to us at Pitch Tuesday to kickstart your new startup. Our portfolio features startups from various inspiring stories, from solo founders to couple-preneurs leading Homegrown Farms. For more information, visit https://1337.ventures/pitch-tuesday.

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