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5 Sources of Startup Ideas

Do you want to launch a startup but have no idea how?

Here are the top 5 sources of startup ideas based on Daniel Gulati’s book: Passion & Purpose: Stories from the Best and Brightest Young Business Leaders.

Gulati, a serial entrepreneur, author, and investor, surveyed 50 founders at three different stages, from pre-seed to exit. Read on to find out the his findings.

#1 Experienced a pain point and wanted to solve it

Qmed Asia’s started off addressing the problem of long queues in hospitals. The idea was born out of co-founder, Dr. Kev Lim’s unpleasant hospital visit. The result?

The startup now serves over 4,000 healthcare providers in both the public and private sectors, with over 3 million active patients to date.

#2 Met someone talented and launched a startup together

Rejina Rahim believes that financial security and independence are important for Malaysian women. She teamed up with Sherry Sheriff to launch Wahine Capital. Together, they have a combined knowledge of capital markets and human rights empowerment.

#3 Turned a passion or interest into a business

The founders of Manis Leting, Atirah Danial and Amirah Jasmine are sisters committed to producing ZERO white sugar (diabetic-friendly) products.

From cordials, café syrups, and sweeteners, each is designed by Amirah, who comes from a culinary background and has years of experience as a low-calorie and food-fortification expert.

#4 Filled a gap after working in an industry for a long time

As US-trained pharmacists, Kevin and Sharon from Medwell aims to empower Malaysian pharmacies. Keeping patients’ best interests in mind, they provide a tool called MyScripts that caters to customer needs beyond just prescriptions, through a personalised health concierge service.

#5 Researched multiple ideas and narrowed it to one

A common problem most aspiring or new entrepreneurs face is narrowing down and being able to validate business ideas. Fortunately, it has never been easier to discover problems statements with sites likes muru-ku.com

Feeling ready to pursue a business idea?

Your first step in starting a business is to identify a problem, solution or or opportunity.

Visit muru-ku.com to identify the latest problem statements, news, insights and startup data in Malaysia.

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