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3 Malaysian Entrepreneurs Share Their Resolution for Success in 2023

The year-end is usually when entrepreneurs take a hard look at their company’s performance. How successful was the past year? What were the shortcomings? And most importantly, what’s the growth plan for the New Year? To get an idea, we turned to three Malaysian entrepreneurs to share their 2023 business and personal resolutions. Here is what they told us:

Kee Hui Jiang – Co-Founder, Finory

Kee Hui Jiang - Co-Founder, Finory

Finory is excited to add new features to our app in 2023. For our consumers to save more and avoid overspending, cash flow management will be one of the important features. Personally, I look forward to getting into shape and going to bed earlier every night.”

Nizam Mustapha, Founder, Pewarisan

Nizam Mustapha, Founder, Pewarisan

“For Pewarisan, scale and expansion are coming at an exciting time. We put a lot of effort into creating a solid foundation in 2022 by opening our office and hiring full-time staff. We will concentrate on partnerships, new products, and expansion in 2023. The team has been actively identifying partners that will join our journey forward. We can bundle new product offerings with these partners and offer them to the public.”

 Johnson Goh Han Swee, Founder CEO, Unearth Sdn Bhd

Johnson Goh Han Swee, Founder CEO, Unearth Sdn Bhd

“My goal for 2023 is to improve. As a business founder, I’ve realised the only way to grow is to work with people who are motivated and hungry for success. Especially since Unearth aims to save 50,000 pieces of furniture, household items, and appliances from landfills this year, I’m focused on enabling those in my team to be strong players of success.”

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