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20 Free Marketing Courses For Startups

Launching a startup is like bungee jumping – both thrilling and terrifying at the same time. But seeing your idea come to life is a feeling that’s pretty hard to beat.

And with a digitally savvy audience, it’s no secret that digital marketing plays an important role in the success of your startup.

So, you want more users and subscribers, but how do you get them quickly and effectively?

Thankfully, there are numerous free online courses to help you get creative with your marketing. From influencer marketing, SEO, copywriting, and email marketing, here are 20 free marketing courses to help you through your startup journey!

#1 Meta Blueprint – Meta (Facebook)
#2 Tiktok Academy – Tiktok
#3 Tiktok For Business – Later
#4 PPC University – Wordstream
#5 Graphic Design Basics – Canva
#6 Influencer Marketing 101 – Later
#7 Social Media Analytics – Quintly
#8 Social Media Mastery – Canva
#9 The Beginner’s Guide to SEO – Moz
#10 Google Ads Search Certification – Google
#11 LinkedIn For Business – HubSpot Academy
#12 Using LinkedIn for Brand Awareness – LinkedIn 
#13 Email Marketing Course – HubSpot Academy
#14 How To Write Web Copy That Sells – SlideShare
#15 Intro to UX and UI Design – Adobe for Education
#16 Grow Your YouTube Channel – HubSpot Academy
#17 Internet Marketing For Smart People – Copyblogger
#18 Optimizing your LinkedIn profile with SEO – Semrush
#19 Understand The Basics of Code – Google Digital Garage
#20 How to Build and Grow Your Twitter Audience – Hubspot Academy

Are you looking to build a marketing strategy for startup success?

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