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Malaysia Insurtech Opportunity Report 2021 Highlights

  • In the Malaysia Fintech Opportunity Report: Insurtech Outlook 2021/2022, gain an extensive overview of the current InsurTech landscape, including incumbents, partners, and startups. Identify key verticals with untapped potential, and identify crowded and competitive verticals in the current InsurTech scene
  • Identify key trends in the market raised by leading insurance players, in topics such as technology trends, changing consumer trends, and predict future trends in the global insurtech industry
  • Learn about the future of insurtech in Malaysia, in terms of innovation, funding, case studies, and next steps
Malaysia Insurtech Opportunity Report 2021
Malaysia Insurtech Sectors in Malaysia Insurtech Opportunity Report 2021

1337 Ventures produced the Malaysia Fintech Opportunity Report: Insurtech Outlook 2021/2022, which was sponsored by FWD Insurance and backed by the Fintech Association of Malaysia (FAOM). The report examines the ever-changing dynamics of Malaysia’s insurance sector, highlighting the current status of insurance and Insurtech in Malaysia, technology trends and consumer behaviour that the industry may leverage, and what the future of Insurtech in Malaysia holds for Startups, Corporates & Investors and the industry at large.

The Malaysia Insurtech Opportunity Report allows key players in insurtech to discover how the ecosystem can play a more active role in supporting the growth of Insurtech and Takafultech in Malaysia by diving into best practices from both insurance incumbents and Insurtech start-ups and exploring trends and opportunities in both insurance and Takaful. “There is a gap in the Malaysian Insurtech sector in areas like underwriting, predictive analytics, carriers and P2P which is a great opportunity for startups to venture into the ecosystem.” said Bikesh Lakhmichand, CEO of 1337 Ventures.

Malaysia’s B40 Gap in Insurance: Unfortunately, Only 30.3% of B40 households are covered by life insurance or Takaful policies, despite the government’s target of reaching a national life insurance penetration of 75% by 2020. Even with growing ecosystem partnerships and flourishing Fintech and Insurtech opportunities, the B40 group remains the largest uninsured segment in the country.

Majority of Insurtechs in Sales and Distribution: Very few insurtechs are addressing other parts of the value chain due to the perceived high entry barrier in this regulated space, as well insufficient capital investment in value chain innovations. This results in the lack of customised products and services that are catered to different segments of the Malaysian population.

“As the saying goes, innovation is done by imagining the future and filling in the gaps. We are certain that existing and aspiring Insurtech players are able to benefit from the industry insights presented in this InsurTech Opportunity Report 2021 developed by 1337 Ventures and sponsored by FWD.” said Fintech Association of Malaysia in the foreword of the report.

Moving forward, the report suggested 6 focus areas that can drive the future of Malaysia’s Insurtech scene — the improvement of digital banking services for the underserved, a greater focus on financial inclusivity for the B40 community, more cloud-based solutions to simplify the consumer purchasing journey, increased collaboration between insurtechs and incumbents, the development of digital insurance licenses, and finally, Malaysia being the leader of the global Takaful space.

Malaysia Insurtech Opportunity Report 2021



To read the full report, download the Malaysia Fintech Opportunity Report: Insurtech Outlook 2021/2022 via https://1337.ventures/malaysia-insurtech-opportunity-report-2021.

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