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[2024] HealthTech Startups To Watch in Malaysia

Healthtech Startups To Watch in Malaysia 2024 1337 Ventures

The global healthcare sector is experiencing a rapid transformation driven by technology.

At the forefront of this revolution are HealthTech startups, spearheading innovative solutions poised to elevate patient care, streamline operations, and increase healthcare accessibility. This blogpost delves into the vibrant realm of HealthTech startups in Malaysia, examining their influence and capacity to redefine the future of healthcare.

From personalised health diagnoses to contactless health consultations, these healthtech startups in Malaysia are dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the lives of millions of people.


While waiting in line during a hospital visit with this daughter, Dr Kev Lim had an idea. “How can we reduce the waiting time for hospital patients?”

Dr. Kev, then, together with his childhood friends, Dr. Tai Tzyy Jiun and Nic Tai launched QMED Asia offering appointment booking and a mobile live queue system provider for Malaysia’s healthcare industry.

Since their launch in 2019, they’ve grown to offer various services for patients, such as locating nearby clinics and hospitals, booking virtual care, and home care services.

In 2023, they successfully raised RM5.1 million in equity crowdfunding on Leet Capital, with plans to expand into other Southeast Asian countries.

Learn more about how to raise funds here.

Dr Kev Lim (left) at the recent SmartCity Summit & Expo in Nangang, Taiwan.


DoctorOnCall is Malaysia’s first online telehealth platform that connects patients with an extensive network of doctors and medical practitioners through the convenience of an audio or video call.

It was founded in May 2016 by former management consultant Maran Virumandi and ex-colleague Hazwan Najib.

Since then, they have broadened their range and now plan to be the preferred choice for tourists seeking medical assistance while in Malaysia.

Maran Virumandi and Hazwan Najib, the Co-founders, DoctorOnCall on BFM Radio. You can listen to the full podcast here

MyScripts: Pharmacy Simplified

After their return from the United States, Dr. Kevin Ong and Dr. Sharon Lee, a husband-and-wife duo trained as pharmacists, recognised a gap in Malaysian pharmacies.

Motivated by this realization, they founded MyScripts, aiming to streamline pharmacy workflows and offer actionable insights.

Their goal is to enhance personalised care and boost health outcomes within the Malaysian pharmaceutical landscape. MyScripts is headquartered in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

MyScripts team and Bikesh Lakhmichand, Founding Partner of 1337 Ventures at the WCIT 2023 exhibition.


Launched in 2019, Supagene.Asia strives to make genetic testing accessible to all, empowering individuals to gain new insights into their health.

Supagene sets itself apart from other DNA testing companies by prioritizing health-based data sets specific to Asian populations.

This focus ensures that the results provided to Malaysian and Southeast Asian customers are more precise and tailored to their genetic makeup.

Nura Samsuddin, the co-founder of Supagene.Asia.

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